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The normal Christian life should be anything but “normal”—it should be supernatural, one in which the living God expresses His very life in us and through us. With So Much More! Pastor Todd Hudson challenges all believers to embrace the supernatural power of God as a lifestyle.
Todd is no stranger to his message. His own life has been supernaturally “wrecked,” he says, by the Holy Spirit. When God called him to resign from the 4,000-member evangelical megachurch he led for nine years and plant a Spirit-filled church, he began a new ministry of calling believers to live in resurrection power
today, not someday in the future.
If you know deep inside that there must be so much more to the Christian life, then Todd will help you discover how to experience and release the kingdom in your life today—
and tomorrow!

I always take special note of a message that cost the preacher a high price. Such is the case with Todd Hudson and his book, So Much MoreTodd was recognized as one of America's very successful pastors. And then he encountered the Holy Spirit in a way that changed everything. The God of miracles invaded this author's life and made life-as-he-knew-it unacceptable.  So Much More is the authentic cry from one of this nation's great leaders. He writes with the passion of a prophet and the insight of a disciplined teacher, giving us a road map that directs the reader into a lifestyle of the miraculous through a Christ-like partnership with the Holy Spirit. This book is an outstanding representation of what God is doing in the earth today.

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church, Redding, CA
, When Heaven Invades Earth and Hosting the Presence

Todd Hudson – So Much More! Beyond Kingdom Principles to Kingdom Power So Much More! is a wonderful book about seeking the face of God for your future rather than the facts that surround you. It is fresh and it shows that experiencing Christ, the experience of what we have in the Holy Spirit and in the Kingdom of God, is most important of all. So Much More! will warm your heart and cause you to see Jesus above all circumstances and to hear His voice and follow Him according to His Word. Thank you, Todd, for your honesty, directness and, most of all, for your love of the Holy Spirit to be manifested in your life and the lives of others.

Dr. Marilyn Hickey
President and Founder - Marilyn Hickey Ministries

"Todd Hudson's book SO MUCH MORE begins with his own journey of discovering the Kingdom life, continues with scriptures and personal testimonies that demonstrate the kingdom of God is at war with the kingdom of darkness everyday and ends with the hope of the fullness of God's kingdom coming to earth when Christ returns.  Where many
believers would say the Gospel of Salvation is the ultimate theme of Jesus' ministry, SO MUCH MORE biblically presents the Gospel of the Kingdom as the central and quintessential theme of Jesus' ministry which both encapsulates and places in proper context the Gospel of Salvation.  Solid, Biblical foundations are laid out in these pages
that will open the eyes of the reader to a greater revelation of all the Christian life is purposed by God to be.  This is a must-read for all Christians who sincerely hunger for more of God in their lives."

Jonathan Wiggins
Senior Pastor
Resurrection Fellowship
Loveland, CO

Todd’s new book gives hope to all those Pastors on the journey of moving their church from the Evangelical world to the Kingdom minded church. He tells the story in a way that makes it seem more doable, and less scary. Thank you Todd for being honest about your feelings, and the pitfalls you faced. This book will help many Pastors, and congregations, they can do this, God is there!
Jim Rogers
Founder and Director
Experiencing His Presence Ministries